Nebraska panel denies request to amend Keystone XL pipeline ruling

A Nebraska commission that approved a route for the Keystone XL pipeline through the state is declining requests to amend its decision.

The Nebraska Public Service Commission on Tuesday denied motions by pipeline developer TransCanada and leading opponents of the project. The decision to approve a route through the state is expected to be appealed in court.

WATCH BELOW: Edmonton’s chief economist on Keystone XL pipeline approval through Nebraska

TransCanada says it’s speaking with landowners along new Keystone XL route

Opponents have said the commission overstepped its jurisdiction and denied due process to affected landowners when it approved a different route than what TransCanada had preferred. They say the alternative pathway will affect landowners who weren’t along the company’s preferred route and didn’t have a chance to speak against it.

TransCanada had asked the commission to let it file an amended application to thwart an appeal on those grounds.

Nebraska regulators approve Keystone XL pipeline

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