Pour Some Barley, Water, Hops and Yeast on Me


Def Leppard have collaborated with Seattle’s Elysian Brewing Company to launch a brand new beer.

The 6% brew is called Def Leppard Pale and it’s set to arrive on May 23 – just two days after the band kick off their North American tour with Journey.

Def Leppard Pale is an ok name, but I thought for sure they’d go with…



“Pour Some Barley, Water, Hops and Yeast on Me”



Or…”Hops of Ages”



Or “Let’s Get Drunk”



Or “Bringin’ on the Hangover”



No word if “Def Leppard Ale” will be available in Canada.  Here’s hoping.

Read all about their new beer HERE via Billboard

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