On Tonight's Episode of Archer: Danger Island!

Archer Danger Island Episode 4

When last we left Archer, his mother had demanded that Archer pay for the repairs himself for the Loosey Goosey (the sea plane he pilots but his mother Malory owns). He crashed Loosey practically destroying it, leaving he and Pam, no means of making money as charter pilots for hire.

By some engineering and technological marvel, Pam was able to completely repair the Loosey Goosey with 100% natural materials. Archer seems upset that Pam has now “ruined” the Loosey Goosey. Archer’s disappointment in her efforts doesn’t go over well with Pam, as she’s driven into a furious rage when she delivers a blow to Archer rendering him unconscious.

During Archer’s dream state, we see him as a fighter pilot, in the first world war, flying a single engine, open cockpit fighter plane. He’s engaged in an aerial dogfight with a German pilot he keeps calling “Ziggler”. During this aerial battle Archer takes heavy fire and is sent spiraling toward the ocean.

As he awakens in Pam’s arms, after she delivered the near fatal blow to Archer’s head. He begins to tell Pam about his dream and this Ziggler character. Pam informers Archer, in her own way, that the Ziggler character from Archer’s dream, has now shown up on the Island while Archer was unconscious! Ziggler tells his fellow German crewmates that he shot Archer down 6 times during WWI, as fighter pilots over Spain. Now it would appear that Ziggler has come to the island for dealings with the wealthy German business man (played by Cyril Figgis)

Back at the hotel Cheryl and Malory are arguing, over how Cheryl can make money “entertaining” men. Cheryl complains that, there just aren’t that many men on the island. Until Ziggler’s ruggedly handsome well built German crew members enter the hotel lobby bar.

During their pillow talk, we learn from Lana and Cyril, that the Ziggler and the German crew have arrived on the island to help Cyril, find the golden idol that’s hidden in the jungle of Danger Island.

Archer goes on a drunken rampage that enrages Ziggler, so much that Archer and Ziggler take to the sky to engage in the evenly matched battle in the sky, Archer has always wanted. With Pam as his rear gunner Archer is able to trick Ziggler into the perfect position to open fire.

Will the German crewmates figure out that’s just a jar of coco-butter?

Will Archer be able to land another plane without a landing gear?

Does Pam know how to work the plane’s rear firing system?

Find out if Archer can finally, once and for all, finish Ziggler in the sky?

Will anyone survive this week on Archer Danger Island?

Tune in, to find out tonight! Only on Teletoon!



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