Alice Cooper on the Vinyl Version

It took 3 years on the road and two failed album’s on Frank Zappa’s label until Alice Cooper was able to come up with a song suitable for radio play.

This song was originally  eight minutes long in its stage form. The group had an elaborate stage show with lots of gore and performance art. So the band  wrote long songs so they could build a story with their stage show.  It was 19 year old Canadian producer Bob Ezrin that told the band to trim it down and tighten up, forcing the band to rehearse 10-12 a day for weeks before heading into the studio.

It wasn’t until this song was released as a single in November of 1970 when it convinced Warner Bros. That Alice Cooper was finally ready to record their first mainstream album. Frank Zappa sold Alice cooper to Warner Bros. for $50,000 and the band was put in the studio to record Love It To Death

This song was featured as a B side on the album, It was the band’s first top-forty success peaking at number 21.

This song is about the feelings of a confused teenage boy, which described many of Alice Cooper’s fans and at this time. In America these fans weren’t  old enough to drink or even vote but they were old enough to be drafted to fight in the Vietnam War.

It’s “I’m Eighteen” on the Vinyl Version

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