Winnipeg woman on the hook for parking ticket issued to her stolen car

WATCH: A Winnipeg woman says the city is demanding she pay a $70 parking ticket issued to her car, even though the vehicle had been stolen. Global's Timm Bruch reports

A Winnipeg woman is fighting a $70 parking fine that was written up for her stolen vehicle.

Bonnie Gabbs’ car — which had thousands of dollars in sporting equipment, money and credit cards inside — was stolen May 24 from her Burrows area home.

When the 2011 Honda Fit was found parked downtown four days later after a joyride throughout Southern Manitoba, it had earned a parking ticket.

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Gabbs has a lot of things to worry about: she has to replace her written-off car, work out her credit card debt that was racked up by the thieves and replace a broken garage door busted during the crime.

But for now, she can’t stop thinking about one thing.

“Everything is on my mind and this stupid little thing instead of it being settled, just added more stress,” Gabbs said. “The money thing right now is really bad.

“It’s the principle of the thing. I was the victim of a crime.”

Gabbs said she was told by police on June 17 the ticket would be torn up if she contacted 311. But that isn’t what happened.

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“I sent an email with all the information July 31, that the car was stolen and they told me to go online and do a report or something, and then check the status three days later.”

When she checked the status online as suggested, she received confusing and conflicting information and never arrived at a clear answer.

WATCH: Bonnie Gabbs walks us through her ordeal

“To the City of Winnipeg and their entire system,” Gabbs said, “I don’t have the words…”

To date, Gabbs has received 5 citations and two final notices demanding that she pay the ticket.

The City of Winnipeg has not responded to multiple requests for comment.

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