'Saturday Night Live' takes on Kanye West's Oval Office speech in latest cold open

WATCH: Kanye West visits President Donald Trump in the Oval Office in SNL cold open.

Alec Baldwin returned as U.S. President Donald Trump for Saturday Night Live‘s latest cold open that spoofed on Kanye West’s unhinged remarks earlier in the week in the Oval Office.

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Trump introduces West, saying it is “in no way a publicity stunt,” as West says “I flew here using the power of this hat,” referring to the iconic red Make America Great Again hat.

Meanwhile, former NFL player Jim Brown sits quietly on the side and says he is “already pretty nervous.”

Trump then attempts to create rapport with the two, saying they are “real Chicago types, if you know what I mean,” to “oohs” from the audience.

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West then enters his mind-bending speech, saying he’s “a prisoner in a different dimension.”

Trump pretends to listen, but SNL reveals his true thoughts. “This guy might be coocoo,” Trump thinks. “I have been in a room with Denis Rodman and Kim Jong Un, and they made a lot more sense than him.”

Finally, Trump makes sense of West. “He doesn’t listen to anyone but himself, who does he remind me of?” Trump thinks.

“Oh my God, he’s black me!”

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After West finishes his speech, the two hug it out, but Trump can’t help but check that his wallet is still there.

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