Would you buy an electric pickup truck?

Tesla has been in the news quite a bit lately but it’s mostly been about Elon Musk.  Getting lost in the headlines are some of the things Tesla would like to bring us and one of those things I just found out about are pickups.  Mostly likely you are now either rolling your eyes or very excited. Gas prices have been dropping this week but none of us really think that’s going to last and my parents refer to their 2000 red pickup as the beast — which is saying something as their other vehicle is a 1998 Astro van.  They love the IDEA of an electric pickup but the execution, well, that’s something else.

Do any folks around here see themselves driving an electric pick-up truck?  Our beloved Chevys, Fords and Rams are so hard on gas, would the potential savings be an incentive?  Musk knows how much we love our trucks so his will have to equal or surpass what we currently have in terms of distance and towing.  Another plus would be the massive battery that would be available for tools.

It’s doubtful Musk can compete with the lower priced trucks, so I’m guessing he’s going for the luxury, no holds barred, every cool gadget and amazing looking truck ever.  If you could go 500 km/charge, would you consider it?

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