Lesson learned as driver tries — and fails horribly — to demolish snowman with truck

ABOVE: Driver trying to destroy snowman hits stump.

A hooligan in Kentucky tried to destroy a massive, nine-foot tall snowman using a truck, but failed horribly after not realizing good-old Frosty was built over a tree stump.

Cody Lutz and his family decided to have some fun after a recent snowfall in Petersburg, making a very large snowman in their front yard.

Lutz explained to WXIX News that his fiancée and soon-to-be sister-in-law were out enjoying the winter weather over the weekend when they erected the tall snowman.

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“We were playing in the snow, she’s from Mississippi… so this is the most snow she’s ever seen in her entire life,” Lutz explained. “I’m from Buffalo so this is no big deal. I love the snow!”

Using a large tree stump as the base, the family made the large Frosty, complete with top hat and stick arms. Apparently, someone either didn’t like the sight of the snowman, or wanted to cause some trouble.

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Lutz returned home from work Monday only to find tire tracks on his lawn leading up to the snowman, and the grill marks of a large vehicle embedded at the base of Frosty, exposing the large tree stump.

“I came home to this Monday night,” told the news station, laughing. “I think it’s pretty funny. Instant karma, it’s hilarious.”

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