Closer on the Vinyl Version

Nine Inch Nails were known for being crazy on-stage, the band would cut themselves, throw and destroy their instruments. This was the first album after Trent Reznor had a battle with TVT Records he eventually broke free from that label, and then he co-founded Nothing Records then signed with Interscope.

This was the album that Trent recorded in the former house of actress Sharron Tate in other words he was recording his album where the infamous Manson family murders took place in 1969.

There’s many crazy stories about what happened in that during the recording of this album and Marilyn Manson’s first album. Until one day in 1993 Trent was confronted my by Sharon Tate’s sister Patti. She accused Trent of exploiting her sister’s death by living in the house. Trent said it was his just sort of my own interest in American folklore. being in this place where a weird part of history occurred.

but then it hit him for the first time his morbid interest in these murders had kept him from ever humanizing what happen and see it from someone perspective who was effected by what had happen. This woman lost her sister Trent had never thought of it like that. Trent admittied says he went home and cried himself to sleep and the next day he said “F@%! Charlie Manson!”  After the album’s recording, Reznor moved out and the house was demolished.

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