Why We Need To End the Stigma Surrounding Menstruation

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They’re breaking the stigma again, this time they’re breaking the stigma surrounding menstruation!

Coming to your phone this year, is a new Blood Drop emoji meant to represent a woman’s period…. or as I like to call it her “Lady of the Moon Time”

Breaking the stigma on menstruation is important because I have been personally victimized by menstruation stigma.

When I was but a boy, I learned everything from the television. Somewhere around the age of six or seven  years old, I would also see commercials for these strange things called “panty shield”. They seemed to be only for the female of the species. In the advertisements they were always pouring a blue liquid on top, talking about how absorbent they were….They didn’t have wings yet this was the early 80’s.

Now I knew that boys and girls were different downstairs and I knew girls could not physically hold on to what they had, when they had to pee really bad because small boys actually hold it when they have to go pee really bad.

From this knowledge that I had only deduced from television. My boyhood theory why women would need to shield their underwear was… “Girls can’t hold their pee and some leaks out. So they wear this diaper thing in their underwear to absorb the pee, they change the pad thing every time they go pee… oh and when girls go pee it’s the color blue.”

This was the 80’s there was no internet!!!

That was the theory I held on to, until I was somewhere around 11 years old. When one evening, just before dinner I was in the bathroom, I lifted the toilet seat to see there was blue liquid in the toilet. I then scolded my sister and my mother for not flushing!

They defended my claim by challenging my accusation, wondering why I would not think this could be the work of my father, a man known not to flush a toilet from time to time.

I responded with “Well the seat was down and the water’s blue, so I know, It had to be one of you!”

Turned out my mother had just cleaned the toilet and was about to tell me not to miss.

When I explained my theory as to why i thought the water was blue to my baffled family… They were laughing so hard at me. That an embarrassed, humiliated and ashamed 11year old boy… Cried himself to sleep that night.


I stand with you ladies we need to teach the children!

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