Don't Look Back In Anger on the Vinyl Version

The piano intro was taken from Lennon’s “Imagine,” and the line “So I start a revolution from my bed” is a reference to the sing, who staged a famous “bed-in” to promote peace.

Noel says This song came together quickly, one day the title just popped into his head. Then he wrote the words out in the dressing room before a show. He loved and believed in the song so much, he actually played it that night, in front of 18,000 people. Noel played this song sitting alone on a  stool with his acoustic guitar, while the rest of the band sat side stage laughing at him Noel says he felt like a total idiot. It was the first time Noel had ever played alone, in front of that many people. In true Oasis fashion there was an argument over who would sing this song.  Originally Noel was going to sing Wonderwall but then Liam insisted he was singing Wonderwall then Noel demanded that he was going to sing at least one of the songs on the album so Liam said he could sing

Don’t Look Back in Anger


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