Live Wire on the Vinyl Version

This song was written during the band’s days on the sunset strip. It’s off their first album and it’s their first big hit. The story is that band offered up a young Tommy Lee who was 17 when he joined motley crew  to a studio sound engineer to use young Tommy however she seemed fit,  in exchange for studio time.

Nikki Sixx wrote this song and he says it has a deeper meaning behind it’s lyrics than most fans might think. He says the song is about his early life as a child, growing up in an unstable home, surrounded by domestic abuse. His father ran out on his mother when Nikki was just baby, leaving him to grow up with one abusive step father after another. When Nikki was a teenager he left home after a big fight with his step dad he denounced his real name Frank Feranna Jr. and headed for LA. he became Nikki Sixx and formed Motley Crue!


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