Bad Company on the Vinyl Version

3 of the members came from the band “Free” and 2 of the members came Mott The Hoople. Ralphs brought in three songs for the first album came from the days with Mott: “Ready For Love,” “Movin’ On” and “Can’t Get Enough.”

The singer thought they should have a song with the same name as the band because it had never really been done before, as far as anyone knew.

According to just about every bio on the band, this song, and the band name, came from  a critically acclaimed Western starring Jeff Bridges that was released in 1972.

But Drummer Simon Kirke says the name came from his childhood. he says he saw a book on Victorian morals. They showed this picture of this Victorian punk. He was dressed like a tough, with a top hat and the spats and vests and the watch in the pocket and the tails and all of that. But everything was raggy. The shoes were popped out of the soles, and the top of the hat was popped out. And the guy is leaning on the lamppost with a bottle in his hand and a pipe in his mouth, obviously a dodgy person.  Also in the picture was a young  little choirboy child looking up to this punk. And underneath it read “Beware of bad company.'”

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