Game of Thrones Betting Odds, Backyard Chicken Coops in PTBO Again? The Bread and Cheese Rebellion of 1492


Rock Report

1) One legendary guitar player honored another last night, when Eric Clapton performed Prince’s “Purple Rain” during the first date of his three-night stand at London’s Royal Albert Hall.

The bill also includes sets from old friends and fellow guitar heroes like Billy Gibbons, Joe Walsh, Peter Frampton, Bonnie Raitt, Buddy Guy and Jeff Beck.

2) Motley Crue may have more chance of entering the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame than the band members themselves believe, a new poll suggests.

Visitors to the hall’s museum in Cleveland, who have the opportunity to vote in the Voice Your Choice campaign, have put the band in the No. 1 spot ahead of Blink-182, Iron Maiden, the Dave Matthews Band and Weezer. Drummer Tommy Lee shared the article on Twitter, commenting, “Let’s go kids!” Only those who visit the museum can submit in the Voice Your Choice poll.

3) When Roger Daltrey sang “Hey you smoking mother nature / This is a bust” in “We’re Not Gonna Take It,” he wasn’t kidding around. For the second time in recent memory, he chastised fans who were smoking marijuana near the stage during a Who concert.

The incident took place at New York’s Madison Square Garden. As you can see in the video below, Daltrey said, “All the ones smoking grass down in the front there, I’m totally allergic to it,” Daltrey addresses the crowd in a fan-shot video. “I’m not kidding, whoever it is down there, you fucked my night and you made me really…I’m allergic to that shit and my voice just goes It sucks up. So fuck you!”

Backyard Chicken Coops are a hot topic in Peterborough again!

The idea of backyard egg factories was bawked down by city council back in 2017 when they passed a bylaw banning anyone in the city from putting a roster in their backyard hen house but there’s a new sheriff in town

Her royal municipal highness, her majesty Mayor Diane Therrien says she wants the city to take another look at the idea with a new city staff report

The issue seems to lie with the cost of policing the structure of the backyard chicken coops to make sure that they are suitable for the chickens to live happy and comfortable lives and citizens obey limitations on the number of chickens they own so no backyard becomes overrun with feathered fowl .

The new report is expected  in September, at which time there will be more debating and arguing because that’s what Peterborough does best!

4:20 Flashback

1492 Cheese & Bread rebellion: German mercenaries kill 232 residents of Alkmaar, Netherlands

1817 First private mental health hospital opens in the US, Asylum for the Relief of Persons Deprived of the Use of Their Reason Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

1905 Las Vegas founded in Nevada

1940 McDonald’s opens its first restaurant in San Bernardino, California

1967 Paul McCartney meets his future wife Linda Eastman

1981 “Harlem Globetrotters on Gilligan’s Island” airs

1989 Blue Jays fire manager Jimy Williams & replace him with Cito Gaston

2002 “Bowling for Columbine”, a documentary directed by Michael Moore has its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival

What’s happening

Mega Yard Sale Fundraiser to Help Send Kids to Camp!

Hope Valley provides a fun and safe summer camp experience to kids aged 7-17.

This May Long weekend the camp is having their annual MEGA YARD SALE Fundraiser!!! There are items sorted by clothing, appliances, tools, toys, electronics, dishes, knick-knacks, games, sports equipment, furniture, books and more. There will be a Food Tent and a Silent Auction, so you can shop and eat at your leisure! Plant Sale on Saturday Only!!

Friday May 17th, 2019 @ 8 am to 6 pm, Saturday May 18th, 2019 @ 8 am to 6 pm, Closed Sunday May 19th and open again Monday May 20th, 2019 @ 8 am to 4 pm.
Location: 2882 Lakefield Road, Selwyn, ON (Just north of Giant Tiger!)

Vinyl Version

This song is about the ultimate muse and the battle between two men for her affection.

Pattie Boyd was a beautiful young British model who married George Harrison of the Beatles in 1966 she had only known him for less than 2 years and she was just 22.

This was during the time when George and the rest of the Beatles had just returned for India and George had become very spiritual and this was at the height of the swinging 60’s scene in jolly ol’London.

Pattie experimented with everything from weed to LSD while George was constantly away. The two  stayed married  through the 60’s but by 1969 George was had to watch his best friend around his young beautiful wife, when slow hand Eric Clapton started spending a suspicious amount of time around the house with Pattie, while George was off recording the White Album.

Pattie was lonely and Eric was head over heels in love with her, so while George and the Beatles were off making their masterpiece, Eric Clapton wrote one of his own in an attempt to win the affection and the hand of Harrison wife.

This is the only album ever released by Derek and the Dominoes titled Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs. Just before the album came out, Eric talked Pattie into meeting him in a secret location, and then he sat her down and played this song repeatedly. It wasn’t until the third spin on the turntable, when Pattie figured out this song was about her and this was Eric’s way of asking her to leave George and be with him.

She refused. Despite her past and her indiscretions, she believed in marriage as a forever concept.

This devastated Clapton and he descended into a deep dark heroin addiction and he tucked himself away from the world for over three years.

Pattie soon learned that nothing last forever. She and George had grown apart as he became more devote to his spirituality and after she may or may not have had an affair with Rolling Stones guitar player Ronnie Wood. She and George divorced  in 1974.

By this time Clapton had kick his heroin habit and was back after Pattie. The two did eventually tie the knot in 1979. The honeymoon did not last long because Clapton had just traded one vice for another and Pattie began to drink to deal with Clapton, during the marriage both were raging full blown alcoholics. Clapton even admits to being abusive to Pattie during those years.

After years of heavy drinking, constant fighting and numerous affairs on both sides. The flame had gone out, Pattie and Eric divorced in 1987.

There was once a time when no fire burned hotter than Eric Clapton’s love for Layla.

Who Are You?

Rory McCann the hound Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Betting Odds

Fans of the show are betting on Who will sit on the iron throne at the end of the final episode this Sunday and wagering on who lives and who dies?

The Smart bet is on Bran Stark the new  three eyed raven to become King but his odds are even at this point which won’t make you much money

Jon Snow is big the money bet the odds on him to to survive the whole thing at 2/5. Arya’s survival rate is even at 1/1 … and folks are betting on Dany to die by sword/dagger at 1/2 after last Sunday fans are pretty convinced the mother of dragons is done for, now they’re betting on how will she parish?

Will Ghost the last known dire wolf make one last appearance? A 1/3 chance of yes, and a 2/1 chance at no.

Will the mother of dragons barbeque Tyrion This one could go either way, but they seem to think he’ll survive … 1/1 odds for yes, and 2/3 odds for no.

And, will there be NUDITY in the final episode??? Fans don’t seem to be betting on it at 1/1 for yes, and 2/3 no.

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