We're In This Together Now on the Vinyl Version


For this song Trent Reznor  Says the whole song started from something actually played at the end of another song so Trent kept going with the flow of one song straight into an entirely new song. Trent says “When I wrote that song it was one of the last songs for the record. I like the obviousness of the track but I was fearful of the obviousness of the track and in a record that I think is pretty dense and somewhat challenging to get through, I didn’t want a song that was too obviously the hit single. Of all the tracks on that album I think that was the hardest to arrange and mix, because if it was mixed poorly, it sounded too obvious in the context of the record, and at this point we were very aware of the context of the record. So what I learned from the process of doing that was the vocal track I would have thrown out that was out of tune and my voice was breaking up was the one that I needed to use, because it added a desperation that made the whole mood of the song feel right.”

this song begins with a machine-like, rhythmic sound that builds in volume and intensity but then stops to make way for a distorted staccato guitar riff, the drums and wah guitar enter and then Reznor begins yelling at the top of his lungs!

It’s “We’re In This Together Now” on the Vinyl Version on the Wolf 101.5

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