Announcer calls his own catch

Nearly everyone at a ball park- whether it’s your kids rec game or the big leagues- has thought about what they’d do if a ball got launched in their direction. Catch it? Duck? Hide behind your wife? (Wouldn’t recommend that last one…)

Marc Schwartz is the play-by-play announcer for the Somerset Patriots in the U.S., and he’s getting a lot of attention after calling his own foul ball catch.

When I say he’s getting a lot of attention… I mean he’s getting a LOT of attention! He was mentioned on Jimmy Kimmel…

He was also featured on dozens of news and sports channels and websites, and naturally he’s gone viral on Twitter.

And of course- the team he works for is capitalizing on the attention, for a good cause:

As cool as all the attention is, at the base of it all is a guy who clearly just really loves his job!

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