Peaches on the Vinyl Version

The peach was a symbol of immortality to the ancient Chinese. They placed bowls of peaches in the tombs of close family members to prevent the bodies from decaying. Giving the fruit as a gift was a sign of friendship.

Picked at the height of ripeness, canned peaches are nutritionally on par with fresh.

Vitamin C levels in canned peaches are 4 times higher than fresh.

The store price of a serving of canned peaches is about 39 cents less than an equal serving of fresh peaches, depending on the season.  This makes peaches a convenient and cost-effective way to enjoy this delicious fruit year-round.

Freeze one can of sliced peaches in juice until solid and then blend with 1.5 cups of sugar-free lemonade and 6-ounces of low-fat or nonfat yogurt for a refreshing drink.

Peaches make a perfect breakfast topper!  Sweeten your oatmeal with a cup of diced canned peaches or use in lieu of syrup on your waffles to add a serving of fruit to your breakfast.

Take your savory dishes to the next level by adding diced peaches to your salsas, chicken or turkey wraps and even grilled salmon.

This is just a song about how peaches are great. Perhaps a little commentary about how natural peaches are better than canned.

or the peach might be used as a euphemism for something a little naughty


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