Don't Cry on the Vinyl Version

This song is the only song that appears on both Use Your Illusion I and Use Your Illusion II. The second version is considered the alternate, and contains different lyrics there’s also a stripped down demo.

Guns N’ Roses tried recording this for Appetite for Destruction back in 87, but they couldn’t get the sound they were looking for. It wasn’t until 1991 that it finally appeared on an album when Axl felt that they finally had a proper studio and budget.

Shannon Hoon, lead singer of Blind Melon, sang backup on this song. Shannon and Axl Rose both grew up in Lafayette, Indiana. he also sang on “November Rain.”

This song pre-dates the band, Axl wrote it while he was still in a band called Hollywood Rose back in the early 80s. Growing up in the same town as Axl, Shannon Hoon grew to know Axl’s little  sister, and she gave him a very early demo of this song that was recorded on a tape player from a concert. Shannon loved this song so much he even covered  with his first his before Blind Melon back in Indiana. It’s a very strange coincidence that years later, Shannon Hood would make it to LA, befriend Axl Rose and end up singing back up on his favorite song right when Axl was finally ready to record this song, he even appears in the video, he shows up on the roof top to sing the chorus

other things to watch for in the video watch the video things to watch for is a sign that says “Where’s Izzy.” This refers to Izzy Stradlin, who had left the band, replaced by Gilby Clarke.

The scenes where Slash is getting beat up by a girl in the car got pretty intense – he says that she was hitting him for real, and he was really trying to fend her off, since he was supposed to keep his eyes on the road.

Way before Guns N’ Roses was ever even thought of , Axl Rose wrote this after he and Izzy Stradlin fell for the same girl. She wouldn’t make a choice and told Axl while he was sitting on a park bench in Indiana, she whispered “Don’t Cry Bill,”

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