Stereos are back

When a band breaks up you always hold out hope that they might get back together. At least maybe do a reunion show at some point. For fans of the band Stereos that has happened.

The band broke up after their second album with no real explanation as to why. But last month put on a 10 year anniversary show at The Rec Room in Toronto for Canadian Music Week.

They even debuted a new song at the show. Later on, they said that they’d like to at least release that one new song but had no solid plans for anything. The lead singer, Patrick Kordyback, thanked their promoter on stage saying that nobody else wanted to promote the show and that this was a pretty big gamble.

A few weeks after the show the band put out that they were going to be making an announcement soon. They uploaded this to their instagram page.  

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10 years later…⁣ ⁣ Swipe ➡️

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So Stereos has gone from putting it on the line for a one off show in Toronto to being able to come back and bring more music to their fans that have been waiting since 2011.

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