One Last Breath on the Vinyl Version

This song is about a man who feels he has done nothing good with his life where it says (“It seems I found the road to nowhere) He’s struggling to hold on to the things that he thinks are safe and good but he’s led a life filled with mistakes and caused his love ones a lot of pain. It’s because of all this pain he’s caused over the years he can’t come to terms with whether he is a good person or not.

His Demons, his addictions and his dark emotions are calling out to higher power to save him but now he feels forsaken, like he’s too far gone when it the song says (“I yelled back when I heard the thunder).

Then he is begins to spiral out of control with his negative thoughts, felling as though the savoir he’s calling on, believes he’s done nothing good and now the man is unworthy of saving and salvation

Now as he starts only thinking about all the bad things he done, his depression deepens this is where he begins to think that “Maybe  feet ain’t so far down.”

He starts to think about all the people in his life that care for them but can’t stop thinking about he will only hurt them further in future.

By the end of the song he starts to realize, that this is the test that everyone must face and he must find strength to carry on to repair his faith by being there and taking care of the love ones that depend on him rather than abandoning them.

That’s when he realizes that you’re never truly too far gone, unless you’re gone.

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