Scared on the Vinyl Version

In 1995, the Hip got its big American break

The band played Saturday Night Live and Dan Aykroyd, fellow hometown hero from Kingston, Ont., appeared just to introduce them. Aykroyd almost seems choked up to have that honor, which sweetens the whole experience.

It’s not exactly confirmed but legend says that approximately 40 people watched Nirvana open up for the Hip on July 7, 1989, at the in Madison, Wis.

Downie would eventually write the song “Don’t Wake Daddy” (from Trouble at the Henhouse) with a small salute to Cobain in the lyrics. It’s a very strange line where Gord thinks his dog has been reincarnated, as Kurt Cobain

If you’ve ever noticed that water is a recurring theme in the Hip’s lyrics, you’re right

“Water is stronger than rock,” Downie said in an interview. “Water threatens to, at anytime, flood in and obliterate the chalk drawing. We leave a temporary impression similar to that of a hull on the surface of the sea. I could go on and on.”

What is this song really about? Fear of obsolescence? Fear of fraudulence? Fear of fear? A fear-peddler going door-to-door selling … you guessed it … fear

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