I'll Stick Around on the Vinyl Version

After the death of Kurt Cobain and the end of Nirvana Dave Grohl took an 8 month break from music until he became bored and depressed to pull himself out of this state, he wrote a song. Then he made a home demo of this song in his basement, he liked it so much he took it down the street from his house to record it at Robert Lang Studios in Seattle in October 1994. After recording this song Dave booked a week in the studio with the schedule of arrive in the morning at the studios, start production by noon and do four songs a day. Dave played every instrument on the album, during the recording process he would run from room to room, “still sweating and shaking from playing drums and then pick up the guitar and put down a track, do the bass, maybe another guitar part, have a sip of coffee and then go in and do the next song”.

at the end of the week Dave had a cassette which he simply titled Foo Fighters… He didn’t even write his name on it. Then Dave went forth finding musicians to join his new band.

Some people think this song was targeted at Kurt Cobain, which Dave Grohl was quick to deny. The real target of this song is Courtney Love. Something Dave didn’t admit until 2009 when he told his biographer “I don’t think it’s any secret that ‘I’ll Stick Around’ is about Courtney. I’ve denied it for 15 years, but I’m finally coming out and saying it. Just read the f–king words!”

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