My daughter loves the drums ... but she's still learning

A while back, I had noticed that my daughter liked to bang on things (ie. The couch, chair, walls, my face) but not in an angry way, just liked banging things. So, being the studious Father I try to be, I decided to buy her a set of toy drums, thinking she’d love them.

Turned out I was right. She bangs all the drums ALL the time while she’s with me, and loves them … to my neighbour’s dismay.

A couple of days ago, one of my neighbours came up to me and asked, “Is that you playing the drums, or your daughter?” I laughed at first and thought, “This means one of two things; 1) he thinks my daughter has some sort of ability to play drums, or 2) He doesn’t think very highly of my own ability to play drums. I didn’t respond to him, but I think to celebrate Father’s Day today, I’ll hide the drum set from my daughter until tomorrow afternoon.

Is there a toy you ever received from your Dad, or gave your child that others regret??

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