Fat Bottom Girls on the Vinyl Version

This song was released as a double A-side single with “Bicycle Race.” The songs ran together on the album, the two songs were meant to be played together the same way  “We Will Rock You” and “We Are The Champions” run together but these two songs were released the year before in 1978.
Each song has a reference to the other in the lyrics: in “Bicycle Race,” Where it says “they’ll be riding today, so look out for those beauties.” In this song the closing line says “get on your bikes and ride!,” linking the two songs together.

The cover of the single featured a nude woman riding a bicycle, and of course, many stores refused to stock it. The new version was the same image with panties drawn over the woman.

Brian May was once asked how gay icon Freddie Mercury could deliver such a convincing heterosexual performance on this song. He replied: “On the face of it, it’s a heterosexual song because of the title but I was totally aware of Freddie’s proclivities and the fact he was going to sing it. Plus, some of the inspiration for the song came from stuff that I saw in Freddie’s life as well as my own. So it’s actually not so much of a heterosexual song as you might think. It’s a sort of pansexual song. There are so many ways you can take it.”


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