Jack White has never had a cell phone

Jack White has a no phones allowed rule at his shows and in a recent interview he talks about the fact that he has never owned a cell phone.

He says that when they first made the rule of no phones he thought that people would be so angry about it that they would ask for their money back. When I was at a show I used to record tons of songs and watch the show through my phone screen. But I don’t think I’ve ever really gone back to watch any of the videos. Once I realized the videos were pointless because they would never be watched, I stopped doing that and started being in the moment at the show.

It’s pretty rare to find someone that doesn’t have their phone on them at all times so when I’m on vacation or at my cottage (where there is limited service and no wifi anyway), I try my best to not have my phone on me and really unplug.

You can check out the whole interview with Jack White and his views on cellphones below.

Do you agree that people are addicted to their phones?

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