Ticketmaster has to pay 4.5M for falsely advertising ticket prices

Going to concerts is getting more and more expensive, and a lot of the time it isn’t the fault of the band. The ticket pricing can start off pretty reasonable, but by the time you get to the end of the buying process with ticketmaster you’re going to have to sell an organ on the black market to go to this show. All the add ons push that ticket price through the roof. 

People have long complained about all the add ons that ticketmaster has and something is finally being done about it. The other day (June 27) the Competition Bureau tweeted out that all the extra fees from ticketmaster can raise the final price 20% to 65% more than what just the ticket alone would cost. 

Ticketmaster will have to pay 4.5 million dollars to settle this. Will this change anything? No… This is not the first time the Competition Bureau has made a move to hold Ticketmaster accountable for falsely advertising ticket prices. They will pay this fine and we will continue to pay ridiculous prices for shows and being surprised by the final total. 

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