Changing drink choices with the seasons

Do you have a seasonal drink of choice?

My Dad is form Barbados, the founding nation of rum, so naturally, I’ve grown up on rum. I remember going to school and my fellow classmates would brag about how they had a sip of their Dads beer – which I found disgusting because I had sips of MY Dads sweet, sweet nectar of the sugar cane, in alcohol form.

It’s stayed with me into my adulthood, but I find with the changing of the seasons, my tastes change along with them. Sitting out on a patio with friends in the summer sun, I’ve found the Caesars – the ‘meal’ of the drink family – is what I seem to order. Not so in the colder months.

What about you? Does your choice of drink change with the seasons? ALL seasons? Let me know, I want to hear.

And this goes without saying, but PLEASE remember to drink responsibly. School’s out for the summer, and the kids are everywhere. Just want everyone to be safe and happy.

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