Lit Up on the Vinyl Version

Buckcherry frontman Josh Todd wrote this song about the first time he did cocaine, with the lyrics and tempo describing the high he felt from the drug He says that because he’s skinny, he wasn’t a big drinker since he couldn’t hold his liquor. Discovering cocaine, however, was a breakthrough for him.
Josh, explained: “I knew a couple of dealers in high school and had a lot of fun with that until it wasn’t fun anymore.”

Josh Todd wrote the song sober after having given up cocaine in the mid-1990s. He says “Drugs and alcohol worked for me for a lot of years. For a lot of years it was fun, exciting and it was a blast. It was the last two years of it where it was ruining me in every way, shape and form. I had to really make a decision if I wanted to live or die. I quit using right after my first daughter was born.”

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