Sabotage on the Vinyl Version

This song was written about an annoying engineer who got frustrated with the slow pace of Beasties’ recording sessions. The trio felt he was ruin their music by trying to push through instrumental tracks they were unhappy with in order to get something completed.

Adam “King Ad-rock” Horovitz talks about this song in the liner notes of the Beastie Boys anthology: this song was recorded as an instrumental, and the vocals weren’t added until two weeks before the record was completed. It was the last song on Ill Communication to be finished.”

Back in the 1994-95 American television station Comedy Central aired a few episodes of Sophia Coppola and Zoe Cassavettes’ show “Hi Octane.” In this episode of “Hi Octane,” the Beastie Boys get into character (as “Vic Colfari,” Alasondro Alegré,” and “Nathan Wind”) for an interview that later turns up on both the Sabotage home video as well as the Beastie Boys DVD Anthology

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