Storming Area 51 - SIGN ME UP

I know that the “Storming Area 51” is a joke, created to earn ‘likes’ and gain attention, but wouldn’t it be GREAT if there were aliens in there? Or ANYwhere, for that matter? … and we could see them?

The fact that 1.6 million people have RSVP’d and another 1.2 million have clicked on “interested” kind of says something in itself – it’s a popular topic. You’d think, with all the secrecy behind Area 51, and other places, that, that’s what’s creating the mystery. The government could easily just open the doors and make it some sort of museum. No mystery, and no storming the place.

Instead, despite  the “joke” of the group, it’s getting a lot of attention from the government and security officials and they’ve been preparing for this little raid, which probably won’t come to fruition.

I just wanna see them aliens, without being shot at.

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