The Hold Steady share new song "You Did Good Kid"

The Hold Steady have a new record out on August 16th called Thrashing Thru The Passion. We’ve already had the chance to hear “Denver Haircut” off the upcoming seventh album. Today the band share “You Did Good Kid.”

“‘You Did Good Kid’ is the first song we worked on for this session, and remains a favorite,” says Craig Finn. “It went though a few iterations before we came to this arrangement, and I’m really psyched on it. It feels great to play live.”

Thrashing Thru The Passion
August 16th, French Kiss records

1. Denver Haircut
2. Epaulets
3. You Did Good Kid
4. Traditional Village
5. Blackout Sam
6. Entitlement Crew
7. T-Shirt Tux
8. Star 18
9. The Stove & The Toaster
10. Confusion In The Marketplace

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