Can't Always Get What You Want on the Vinyl Version

The chorus of children is the London Bach Choir. Their 60 voices were double-tracked to make it sound like there were even more of them. Before the album came out The choir tried to have their name removed from the album when they found out it was called Let It Bleed and contained “Midnight Rambler,” a song about a serial killer.

You might think this song has a deep meaning about a woman but it’s more about a cherry coke.

“Mr Jimmy” in the 3rd verse is the key to the song. He was a local character the stones met in Minnesota, an artist and street wanderer known as “Mr. Jimmy,”. He was a man known to the locals, who would talk to himself a lot as he walked miles through the town visiting the local shops.

While on the first US tour in 1964, Mick Jagger went into a Minnesota local drugstore to get “A Soda in Minnesota!” the boys had been having a laugh about that on the bus. Back in the 60’s a cherry coke, was a glass of coke, with real cherries in it, back when drug stores had soda fountains. When Mick asked the merchant for a Cherry Coke, the store was all out of cherries, Mick ordered a regular coke instead and.  Mr. Jimmy, who was standing in line behind Mick Jagger, said, “Well, you can’t always get what you want but you got what you need”. Mick Jumped back on the bus and started to right the song.

Legend has it that Mick Jagger sent a limo to pick up Mr. Jimmy for every Stones concert whenever they played Minnesota. Mr. Jimmy passed away in 2004.

but the saddest part about this song is that  The “Chelsea Drugstore” was in Chelsea, but it wasn’t a drug store it was a pub where the stones used to score their drugs from… or get their prescriptions filled. the most devastating fact about the Chelsea Drugstore is that it’s now a McDonald’s.

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