My Generation at Woodstock on the Vinyl Version

Despite performing a headlining set at Woodstock the Who still had a horrible time at the festival of Peace and Love.

Mostly, it just involved a perpetual state of waiting, which didn’t do much for Roger Daltrey’s anxiety issues. It was crazy even before they arrived. Pete Townshend got stuck in traffic for several hours. Other artists didn’t make it at all, the whole place was chaos. The destination they arrived at was a little motel several miles away from the site, the musicians had the rooms and the roadies and technicians slept in the corridors. Everyone just hung around and waiting their turn to go the site. And they waited and waited and waited.”

Around 7 p.m., the Who was finally beckoned to drive to the backstage area, only wait some more. They were due on in the evening but by four the next morning they were still hanging around backstage in a muddy field waiting.

It was the hardest on Who drummer Keith Moon . He always suffered from terrible nerves before performances, always worsened the drinking habit that wound up killing him. An audience of half a million didn’t exactly help.

Now Daltrey  dabbler in alcohol, but stayed away from drugs and there was no absolutely no  food backstage, and everything was laced with LSD even the ice cubes had been dosed. Fortunately Roger brought his my own bottle of Southern Comfort. He and Keith were drinking the bottle back stage for hour right up and until the hippies offered Roger a cup of Tea and that’s how they got him.  The Tea had been spiked with some sort of serious hallucinogenic

Troubled by constant power cuts, stage jumpers, and what might have been early symptoms of pneumonia on top of the psychoactive assault attacking Roger, Daltrey’s mind for the first time, He began to wished they hadn’t even agreed to the gig right before they went on stage

Looking out unto the crowd of Woodstock, making out the vague shape of half a million mud-caked dirty hippies as just as the dawn of the sun hit the crowd. Roger walked on to the stage in a drunken, sleep-deprived, hallucinating state this was his nightmare come true

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