Freak on a Leash on the Vinyl Version

The album was released in August 1998, but the “Freak” single wasn’t issued until spring, 1999. It bubbled under at #106 on the Hot 100 on May 1, which wasn’t bad considering how few radio stations played Korn. The album, however, went to #1, selling over 3 million copies in America at a time when CDs were still selling for around $16.

Korn won their only Grammy for this song. It was for the Best Short Form Music Video of 1999. The video, won two MTV Video Music Awards, one for Best Rock Video and another for Best Editing. It features a bullet speedily traveling through scenes of children playing and in school, among other things. It was based on an old public service announcement about gun control. The cartoon parts of the video were drawn by Todd McFarlane creator of the Spawn Comics and also made the video for “Do The Evolution” by Pearl Jam.

This was used in commercials for Puma after the band signed an endorsement deal with the athletic outfitter. Korn’s deal with Puma lasted just a few years: they signed with Pony in 2001.

Jonathan Davis said”That’s my song that rails out against the music industry. It’s about how I feel like I’m a f—in’ prostitute. Like I’m this freak paraded around, but I got corporate America f—in’ making all the money while it’s taking a part of me. It’s like they stole something from me–they stole my innocence and I’m not calm anymore. I worry constantly. I’m not just talkin’ about the record business. Everything’s involved. I’ve lost something. I’m not all there anymore. I love what I do, but I wish I could have it all back. It’s like the ‘Peter Pan syndrome.’ I wish I could still fly.”

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