Billion Dollar Babies on the Vinyl Version

Cooper and his band recorded this at a mansion they rented out to record the album in Greenwich, Connecticut, which is a very wealthy suburb of New York City.

As part of his stage show, Cooper would mutilate dolls when he performed this song. The tour for the album introduced the props Cooper became famous for, including the guillotine, the snake, and hundreds of cans of beer.

1973 was the last year that Alice Cooper was recognized as a group, rather than just the lead singer. Since the singer, Vincent Furnier, drew most of the attention, many fans did not know the difference between him and the Alice Cooper Band. As lead singer Vincent Furnier became known as Alice Cooper and sucked up all the notoriety, the guitarist, bass player, and drummer from The Alice Cooper Band left and formed their own group, they released an album called Battle Axe in 1977.

This song is about the dangers of overindulgence. It came just as Cooper was getting famous and exposed to rock star excess, and accordingly it helped make him rich and famous. Alice used the cash to buy a house in Los Angeles and finance more elaborate stage shows and videos. He lived the rock star lifestyle for a while, but in later years settled into a very sensible upper class lifestyle, living in Arizona, playing lots of golf, and making shrewd business decisions. He never became a billionaire.

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