Mötley Crüe violates their own contract, will tour again

Remember that time Mötley Crüe did a silly stunt where they signed a contract in 2015 stating they would never tour again? That was fun…now they have done another stunt where they destroy that contract and announce, they’re touring again!

Rolling Stone reports that the band will be getting back together for a tour with Def Leppard and Poison.  No dates have been announced at this point.

Mötley Crüe did their “Final Tour” in 2014-2015 and at the last show on Florida, sat down to sign a contract saying they will never tour again. A quote in Rolling Stone in 2014 is rather comical now.

“Legally, we can’t play again,” bassist Nikki Sixx claimed to Rolling Stone backstage at a 2014 show in Denver. “The only loophole is if all four band members agreed to do it, we could override our own contract. But we know that will never happen. There are people in this band who will refuse to ever do it again, and you’re talking to one of them. There is no amount of money that would ever make me do it again because I have such pride in how we’re ending it.”

Right on bud.

In a video the band posted, Machine Gun Kelly narrates the reasons the band is getting back together. Kelly played Tommy Lee in the Netflix movie The Dirt which is one of the reasons for the band getting on the road again.

He says in the clip, “in the years since Mötley Crüe became more popular than ever and gained an entirely new legion of fans.”

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