The Hell Song on the Vinyl Version

This was Sum 41’s second album, the album when the boys became men after being exposed to the world.

Deryck says “A lot of stuff happened in the past year that opened our eyes to new things. The whole last year has been really crazy around the world. There’s been so much stuff going on and it’s been so televised. I think we’ve all become more aware. When we were writing the last record everything was happy go lucky. Now this time we’ve seen a little bit more and our eyes have been opened up.”

The band was doing very well at the time, with “Fat Lip” a hit single.  It was after the band had reached  the heights of success when they were hit with some heavy news.  Deryck’s ex girlfriend had contracted HIV, it brought them back down to earth, this impacted the band greatly and inspired them  on this album. Even though This wasn’t their most serious song, it was the most personal. the band stated this  song is not a HIV or AIDS awareness song, but is supposed to make you realize how quickly things can change and how vulnerable we are.

Deryck says  “It’s my favorite songs on the record. It’s about this girl I used to date who I’ve known forever. Just last Christmas she found that she was HIV positive, and it was so brutal. She doesn’t sleep around. She’s only had two or three boyfriends and one of them used to cheat on her all the time, and then he got it and gave it to her. It’s the heaviest thing that’s happened in our group of friends.”

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