The Ongoing History of New Music, episode 875: The Headstones, In Their Own Words, Part 2

Our memories are shaky constructs. We remember things wrong or forget them altogether. I’ve found (and other people agree with this) that if you want to dig through your brain to recover things that have gone missing is to just start talking.

The more you talk, the more will come back. And if you have a group of people with a shared history and they all start talking, it’s amazing what floods back. It can be cathartic, therapeutic, and just plain fun. Now hold that thought.

The longer a band exists, the more hazy the memories become. Maybe it’s just age. Or maybe because drugs and alcohol were involved. Some bandmembers may die, taking their stories and secrets with them.

In fact to many instances, we’re forced to piece together a group’s stories from second- and third-hand accounts: Friends and associate, press coverage from back in the day and various other imperfect sources. But hey, if that’s all you’ve got, it’s better than nothing, right?

But what if you could get a band with billions of stories together in a studio and get them to talk things through in real-time? What memories and feelings will emerge then?

This is exactly what I did with The Headstones: Singer and guitarist Hugh Dillion, bass player Tim White, and guitarist Trent Carr, all in the same place, all talking about how they got this far.

This is The Headstones in their own words part 2.

Songs from this show:

  • Caught in a Loop
  • Reframed (Every Single Failture)
  • Blonde and Blue
  • Who the Hell You Think You Are
  • Far Away from Here
  • Broken
  • Little Bones (Tragically Hip cover)

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