"Free Bird” solo played on a Gayageum (Korean string instrument)

Corus Radio Peterborough

Corus Radio Peterborough

Corus Radio Peterborough

Her name is Luna Lee and she plays a traditional Korean string instrument known as a gayageum

Here’s the wikipedia description – The gayageum or kayagum is a traditional Korean zither-like string instrument with 12 strings, though some more recent variants have 18 or 25 strings. It is probably the best known traditional Korean musical instrument. It is related to other Asian instruments, including the Chinese guzheng, Japanese koto, Mongolian yatga, Vietnamese đàn tranhSundanese kacapi and Kazakh jetigen. When played, the sound varies between traditional Eurasian stringed instruments and the Appalachian banjo.


Luna is a master of this instrument covering songs from a wide range of artists.  Check out her YouTube channel HERE

Here she is performing the solo in Free Bird



Here’s a few others I stumbled across featuring Luna and that same instrument







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