5 songs you must hear this week: 07 September 2020

We’re at that point in the year when the industry sets things up for Q4 releases. But with COVID-19, what will the rest of 2020 look like?

1. Deftones, Ohms
Ohms (Warner)
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Tight, heavy guitar rock with lots of grinding power. It’s just the kind of thing we need as we head into a fall full of uncertainty. Speaking of uncertainty, did you follow the saga of the album art reveal? And has it really been 20 years since the White Pony album? Jeebus, where does the time go?

2. Cannons, Fire For You
Single (Columbia)
RIYL: Smooth, dreamy electro-pop

Comparisons include MGMT mixed with Grimes. Good one, actually. This LA four-piece has been around since 2013 and has concentrated on making their songs more densely layered with all manner of instrumentation. Is this “nu disco?” Maybe. If you like what you hear, there are a series of EPs already out there.

3. Daniel Romano, Rat Without a Tale
How Ill Thy World Is Order (You’ve Changed Records)
RIYL: Artists who just keep on giving

Any guesses as to how many albums Romano has released just this year? If you guessed eight—EIGHT!—you win. Dude is on a roll. This year’s NINTH album is set for September 18. Man, if the songwriting muse has taken hold of your soul, just roll with it.

4. Blu DeTiger, Figure It Out
Single (Vision/The Orchard)
RIYL: Er, the bass?

If her bio is to be believed, Blu took up the bass at age 7 and was soon playing gigs at CBGB. Graduating to DJing, she had a rep for pulling out her bass and playing along (on the dance floor!) to whatever mix was pumping. This track first found love through TikTok.

5. Kandle, Spell
Stick Around and Find Out EP (Believe Music)
RIYL: 60s girl groups (you’ll hear it)

Kandle, the daughter of 54-40’s Neil Osbourne, has been building a following from her Montreal base for nearly a decade now. (She sometimes plays shows with her dad under the name A Family Curse.) She’s been busy during the pandemic, recording new material while in isolation at her parents’ house in Victoria, BC. With its 2/4 beat, this song is reminiscent of something that might have been released in the 60s.

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