Sebastian Bach / Zakk Wylde (Pre-fame 1987 performance)

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Corus Radio Peterborough

Corus Radio Peterborough


Ok…this is really cool.

Pre-fame footage of Peterborough’s Sebastian Bach performing with guitarist Zakk Wylde…at a wedding reception.

Just released video footage shows Sebastian and Zakk performing at photographer Mark Weiss‘ wedding reception in Red Bank, NJ on June 17th, 1987

Keep in mind…this was just prior to Sebastian joining Skid Row and before Zakk Wylde became Ozzy Osbourne’s lead guitarist.

It turns out that wedding reception performance helped Sebastian get the Skid Row gig.

Skid Row’s original lead singer left the band in 1987, leaving Skid Row in search of a singer. Sebastian Bach was spotted singing at that wedding reception by Jon Bon Jovi’s parents, who approached him and suggested he get in touch with their son’s friend Dave Sabo who was looking for a lead vocalist for his band Skid Row.  And the rest is history.

The sound and video quality is terrible but keep in mind…it’s off an old VHS cassette.

June 14th, 1987 – Sebastian Bach and Zakk Wylde performing Zeppelin’s “Rock & Roll”




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