5 songs you must hear this week: 26 July 2021

Looking to freshen up that mid-summer playlist? This should do the trick.

1. Danko Jones, Saturday
Power Trio (Sonic Unyon)
RIYL: Proper raaaaawwwwwk

I continue to be flummoxed as to why Danko Jones isn’t as big a hit in his native Canada as he is in certain places in Europe (like Germany and Sweden). That really needs to be fixed. Can we maybe start with this new single from the upcoming album? It’s due on August 27. There’s no excuse not to play it, really. None.

2. Robert DeLong x Lights, Did It To Myself
Single (Glassnote
Recommended If You Like: Dubbiness

Here’s a hands-across-the-border collaboration featuring Denver’s Robert DeLong and Toronto’s Lights, both of whom are into an electronic pop headspace—except in this instance where they’ve let their love for dub shine through. Lights loves these sorts of collaborations having already worked with Travis Barker (then again, who hasn’t these days), Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda, deadmau5, and more. Cool animated video, too.

3. Fuel, Hard
Anomaly (Moon Media Chair)
RIYL: Resurrected 90s bands

Wait: Is this the Fuel from the 90s who had hits like Shimmer and Hemorrhage (In My Hands)? Yep. They’ve never stopped being a going concern although there have been a number of lineup changes over the years. For this record, Carl Bell, their former primary songwriter is back with the band (he left in 2010) and there’s a new singer in John Corsale. Let’s see where this goes.

4. Death From Above 1979, Modern Guy
Is 4 Lovers (Universal)

Is it Death From Above (which it’s been for the last couple of years) or Death From Above 1979 (which is how this came titled from the label)? Doesn’t matter, really, as long as Seb and Jesse are still making noise together. This is the second single from their fourth album, a record with ten tracks that clock in over a tight 31 minutes. As for the video, where does one find a Honda Accord of that vintage these days?

5. Pip Blom, Keep It Together
Welcome Back (Warner)
RIYL: Cut-as-a-button alt-pop

The Netherlands’ Pip Blom is both a person (she’s the singer) and a band that includes her brother, Tender. (Seriously; that’s his name.) Mom and Dad also work helping the band book tours. I dare you to listen to any of their songs and not come away feeling happy. The chorus for this one is killer, something that will have you dancing around your bedroom. The new album will be here on October 8.

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