Teen Fan Jams with Foo Fighters

I read these stories and they make me really wish I had some kind of talent with an instrument… but I don’t.

This girl does though! 16-year-old Lauren was invited on stage with Dave Grohl and the guys, and to say she kept up with them is an understatement!

She has the talent, the confidence, and the energy, and she was clearly having a blast.

She played along with Monkey Wrench, and got a few tips from  Dave Grohl on how to be a rockstar.

Another thing I love about this video is how happy the rest of the band looks- they’re genuinely impressed with Lauren, and having a blast with her up on stage. You can tell they’re all thrilled to be back after a year and a half off because of Covid!

(Just a heads up, this is Dave Grohl, so the language is as bad as you would expect!)

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