Vocal Coach Reacts to Disturbed's "The Sound Of Silence"

Corus Radio Peterborough

Corus Radio Peterborough

Corus Radio Peterborough


I was watching a few videos on YouTube yesterday and for some reason this popped up as something I might be interested in.

A vocal coach reacts to Disturbed’s version of “The Sound of Silence” which came out in 2015.

David Draiman’s vocals will make the hair stand up on your arms but for some people they can’t get past the fact that he’s the lead singer of the rock band Disturbed and dismiss his abilities.

Case in point…this vocal coach who refused to give it a listen when it first came out.  After years of pressure from his YouTube followers he gave in and listened to the track earlier this year..

Needless to say he was blown away and admits he was wrong.


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