Este Haim Laughs Off Epic Stage Fall: ‘I Just Ate S**t In Front Of 7,500 People’

Este Haim is the latest in a long line of rockers to accidentally take a painful-looking onstage fall in the midst of a performance.

On Monday, Nov. 29, the Haim bassist shared a video of the band performing their collab “3 AM” with bass player extraordinaire Thundercat.


Haim Walk Across The Empty Parking Lot Of The Forum For ‘Don’t Wanna’ Music Video

In the video, Haim is holding a mic and singing when she attempts to plant one of her feet on an onstage monitor, losing her footing and falling face first onto the stage before being helped to her feet by sister Danielle.

According to TooFab, she hilariously addressed her tumble with the crowd.

“I hope someone got a good video of me doing that,” she joked. “I just ate s**t in front of 7,500 people.”

Thundercat had his own painful memory to share, recalling a painful accident he had while shooting the video for “Dragonball Durag”, in which the HAIM sisters make a cameo appearance at the 2:15 mark, smoking cigarettes next to a dumpster.

“You know, that’s funny that you fell onstage because you know that one scene of me jumping out of the trash can in the video? I slipped and hit my gooch on the edge of the trash can and I played it off. You guys remember that part?” he recalled.”I crushed one of my on the trash can. And now you’ve crushed one of your ovaries.”

Quipped Haim: “Now I can’t have kids.”

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