Coach Cal Brings Ellen to Tears

Kids say the darndest things.

Local seven-year-old Callan Perks has become an online sensation (again) for his appearance on Ellen.

First, the back story: Cal won the opportunity in the Petes Next Gen contest to shadow the Petes head coach for a day. Applicants were asked to submit a video with a short pre-game speech. Cal’s video was posted by the Petes, shown prior to the game and quickly gained attention on social media.

Coach Cal, as he’s become known, has been interviewed by Global, ABC’s “Good Morning America,” ABC’s “World News Tonight,” CBS and the video of his speech has aired on Sportsnet, TSN and picked up by the NHL.  Millions around the world have seen his video in the locker room, which you can watch here.

Now, he has appeared on Ellen Degeneres’ show. The episode will air tonight (Jan. 5) but Ellen posted a clip online early:


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