Ongoing History Daily: The time Slipknot was gifted with part of a cow

It’s not uncommon for fans to present their favourite artist with some kind of gift as a token of appreciation. It’s usually something modest, but not in the case of Slipknot. They had a fan in The Netherlands who went by the name Crazy White Sean and he was a super-insane superfan.

A number of years ago when Slipknot was in Amsterdam to play a show on Valentine’s Day, Crazy White Sean showed up at the gig with a giant Valentine’s box. Inside was the heart of a cow. “This is my gift to you,” he said. Even though it smelled awful, someone who was present grabbed it and tried to take a bite out of it.

That did not work out well. If that’s not enough, Slipknot also once received a human femur from a fan. Lovely.

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