Five songs you must hear this week: 18 September 2023

As the leaves turn, the number of new releases pick up as the recorded music industry heads into the all-important fourth quarter. Here are five songs worth your time to start the week.

1. Sam Roberts Band, Projection
The Adventures of Ben Blank (Known Accomplice/Cadence Music Group)
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Like many groups, The Sam Roberts Band had a rough time weathering COVID. All that seems to be behind them now, although remnants can be found in this song. “When the lines between fact and fiction have become so blurred, how do we measure our truest selves? What can we rely on? Hold on to?” says Sam. I can relate. The new album is due October 20th. Part of the proceeds from an upcoming North American tour will be donated to War Child Canada.

2. Everclear, Sing Away
Live at the Whisky a Go Go (Sunset Blvd Records)
RIYL: 90s memories

Everclear frontman Art Alexakis was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis back in 2016 but thanks to quick and effective treatment, he’s been able to keep things going without any serious issues. The band’s latest project is a document of their live show recorded on the Sunset Strip featuring all the hits (Santa Monica, I Will Buy You a New Life, AM Radio, Father of Mine, and so on) plus two previously unreleased studio tracks. Here’s one of them.

3. Moby, Should Sleep
Single (Always Centered at Night)
RIYL: Vegan electronica

Moby is back with an interesting project on his new label. He listens to new music based on recommendations from trusted friends and then seeks out the vocalist. If that person is game, Moby sends him/her a few instrumentals (he has hundreds, thousands of unused tracks on his hard drives) with instructions to sing what they feel over them. The files are sent back, Moby tinkers with them a little more and BOOM! A finished collaboration. This is the result of a with a singer J.P. Bimeni.

4. MS MR, Saturn Returns
Single (Iamsound)
RIYL: Happy endings

Lizzy Plapinger and Max Hershenow have had a pretty group run as MS MR since 2011, but they feel it’s time to hang it up with one final cover (Harvey Danger’s Flagpole Sitta) and one final original single. Both are designed as a final goodbye to all the fans who have supported them over the last dozen years. Hey, you gotta know when to fold ‘em right?

5. Royel Otis, Sofa King
Single (House Anxiety)
RIYL: Song titles that need to be enunciated carefully

“Hey, I heard this cool new song from a group called Royal Otis called Sofa King!” “What did you say? What’s it called?” “Sofa King.” “Sofa king…what? And do you have to use that kind of language? There are kids around!” Now that this song is getting some radio airplay across North America, I hope announcers will enunciate things properly. Not that it will help if you actually listen to the song…


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