Random Acts of Kindness

You know them because they are on the news almost every night. They took your application at the front counter so you could attend your child’s school trip. You slow down when you see them in your rear view mirror. They came to your house in a time of crisis or need. They do these things because that is their job. But behind the emblem, behind every uniform, the officers and civilian staff who make up your local law enforcement team, are just like you and I. They are mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. They are coaches and volunteers. They are neighbours and friends.

Introducing the members of the Peterborough Police Association.  Good people who value kindness and goodwill toward others.  That’s why they’re teaming up with the good folks at The Wolf to bring you ‘Brian & Taylor’s Random Acts of Kindness’. Each month, Brian and Taylor will join the PPA and perform random acts of kindness throughout our community.

It’s our way of saying thanks for listening to Central Ontario’s Best Rock – 101.5 The Wolf.

It’s their way of saying thanks for supporting your local law enforcement team who are proud to be part of your community. Real people who are not immune to tragedy and loss. Real people who appreciate the value of a good deed. It’s time to meet your Peterborough Police Association. The good people behind the emblem and uniform!

For more information on the Peterborough Police Association and the role they play in your community, please contact Jeff Chartier, President.  CLICK HERE


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