Do Good in the Neighbourhood

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” – Mr. Rogers

We understand that these unprecedented times can cause worry, panic and a sense of loneliness.

We also understand that we are part of a strong, wonderful community that is doing everything possible to ensure everyone is taken care of. For that, we are incredibly proud.

Please use this page to show or tell us how you and your neighbours are helping our community – it will become a place of great ideas, heartwarming stories and reassurance for many. We will get through this by leaning on one another.

Enter your photo and/or story HERE.

Due to an increased demand given the COVID-19 pandemic, food banks across the country are in dire need of donations. For more information about the Kawartha Food Share and how you can help, click HERE.

The local businesses that we know and love need our help now, more than ever. See which stores and restaurants are still open, or submit your business HERE.

Photos & Stories

Jen N. – 

“My friend Laurie in Norwood is sewing masks and hanging them in individual bags in the tree in front of her house, for people who need them.”

Ken S. –

“I have started a never ending song/poem. It is “IT’S STILL A WONDERFUL LIFE” sung to the tune of “It’s A Wonderful World” The idea is for everyone to add onto it and make it the longest song ever and keep people busy…Write lines thanking nurses, doctors or whatever. It’s Still A Wonderful Life (Kenny Spry), Peterborough – It’s STILL a Wonderful Life/ Kids, teens and old folks too/ Staying apart to end the flu/ Families are playing games of old/ Telling stories that never were told/ Having family chats and having fun/ Enjoying walks alone to enjoy the sun/ It’s still a wonderful life/ I see trees getting brand new leaves/ Proof the world is still ok whatever you believe/ I see robins and geese coming back/ The power of nature is never lack/ It’s still and always a wonderful life/ So keep a good outlook throughout this strife/ Take a minute and jot down more lines/ It’s easy and makes for some fun times/ And when this all over we’ll join and sing this song/ I hope you will add on and make it very long/ As I said before there will soon be no more strife/ IT’S STILL A WONDERFUL LIFE.  Add on! Written by Kenny Spry March 24, 2020″

Tom F. –

“We have the absolute best landladies, Kelly Steinsky and Jenny Lanciault of 70 Towerhill Rd. and 1570 Sherbrooke St. They have been coming to the buildings for the past two weeks…washing down railings, door handles etc and checking on each resident to make sure they are okay and even going and getting groceries for the residents that can’t get out or have no family around. These girls go above and beyond every single day….they are great!”

Charlene H. –

“Our neighbours have been in quarantine after arriving back from Florida. We have delivered groceries and picked up bird seed for them to put on their porch. We also got the mail for them. On our walks with our dog I have been taking a bag and gloves to pick up garbage on the side of the roads and sidewalks to help the environment and to give me exercise. :)”

Josh G. – 

“During our lockdown, we didn’t have supplies to make a “1 week birthday stencil” so mom and dad cut up some old gift bags to improvise”. #StayInside” 

Ashley M. –

“I never thought I’d be an “essential worker”. I provide a service to individuals and families wherein I do their grocery/ personal shopping for them through Instacart, and deliver it to their house or business. During these uncertain times, I have received several messages of gratitude from some amazing people…Three messages I received specifically advised me that I was shopping for a vulnerable family, who had gone days without essentials, a person who was stuck in self isolation after returning from a trip, and the one that really pulled my heart strings was a thank you message from a critical care nurse. This person is literally on the front lines of this pandemic, risking everything for us, and they took the time to say thank you, and appreciate what I was doing to ensure they could stay home more, and spend time with their family…”


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